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TAPiO is your local ally to make the expansion as efficient as possible.

Establishing your organisation in Asia is more than taking initiative to open an office

Today, more than ever, companies from around the world want to expand their global operations, reach new customers, diversify risk and tap into new sources of revenues. Expanding globally is no longer an option but an “imperative” for securing long term success and organizational vitality.

TAPiO assist companies and governments in understanding the Malaysian market and its unique position to be the ideal gateway to enter the ASEAN region and deal with the entire Asian continent.

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Matchmaking Services

The TAPiO business matchmaking service is making it easy for you to identify, screen, and meet prospective partners, agents, distributors, and customers in Malaysia.

Tailored Advice

Whether you have already identified your market entry strategy or are still on a blank page, TAPiO can provide you with essential answers, advice, and assistance.

Experienced Team

TAPiO’s knowledge and a global mindset combined with local expertise assist you in understanding the market to make informed decisions that achieve results.

Market Entry Advice

TAPiO provides local knowledge regarding Malaysia’s regulatory and commercial challenges to help you to identify opportunities and manage risks.

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