Technical Field Trip to Taman Malaysia, with PLANMalaysia Director General, YBrs. TPr Dr. Alias bin Rameli and TAPiO

from left to the right: Mr. Nernard Schutte (TAPiO), HJ. Hassan bin Yaakob , Deputy Director (Development) TPr.

TAPiO Management Advisory participated in a significant technical field trip to Taman Malaysia, organised in collaboration with PLANMalaysia. This visit, which took place on January 22, 2024, marks a milestone in our ongoing efforts to contribute to developing guidelines for recreational vehicle parks in Malaysia.

The field trip was graced by an esteemed delegation that included YBrs. TPr Dr. Alias bin Rameli, PLANMalaysia Director General, TPr Hj. Hassan bin Yaakob, Director of Research and Development Division, TPr Dr. Chee Ping Ngang, Director (PLANMalaysia Negeri Sembilan), Mrs. Sanisah binti Shafie, Deputy Director (Development) of PLANMalaysia Negeri Sembilan and TPr Dr. Wong Seng Fatt, Urban and Rural Planning Officer. Representing TAPiO Management Advisory were our esteemed Chairman, Mr. Bernhard Schutte and COO Heng Siang Tan and his team.

As a driving force in Malaysia’s Recreational Vehicle and campsite sector, TAPiO Management Advisory was invited to share our knowledge and valuable insights from the Majlis Bandaraya Seremban (MBS). The team was cordially welcomed by TPr Hj Nazir binti Abd Ghani, Director of Planning and Development Department, and Mrs. Azura binti Abu Hassan, Director of the Community Development and Tourism Department of MBS.

The highlight of the visit was an informative briefing provided by LAr. Tn. Hj. Nasirudin bin Abd. Rahman, Director of the MBS Landscape Department. His insights into the development process and facilities at the caravan park were particularly enlightening.

TAPiO Management Advisory is excited about the potential for future collaborations, stemming from this productive visit. The insights and connections gained during this trip are invaluable and align perfectly with our mission to drive sustainable development in the recreational vehicle sector.

This field trip not only symbolizes a step forward in our collaborative efforts with PLANMalaysia and MBS but also reinforces our commitment to contributing to the growth and development of Malaysia’s urban and rural recreational spaces.