TAPiO Newsletter – November 2018 Issue


China Sees Another Opportunity To Collaborate With Malaysia

China is looking forward to forging closer cooperation with Malaysia, particularly in the field of human resource development, says Ambassador of China to Malaysia, His Excellency Bai Tian. This year has been a remarkable one since it marked the 40th anniversary of China’s opening up and the 5th year after the Belt and Road initiative was launched between China and Malaysia. Also, it has been a year with prominence as it was the first time, China organised a programme that was held in Malaysia with the cooperation of a university, which saw the Chinese ocean-monitoring experts being brought to Malaysia to share their expertise.

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Emperor Akihito Awarded Tun Dr Mahathir The Japan’s Highest Award

Dr Mahathir Mohamad arrived in Tokyo on 5th November for a packed three-day working visit to Japan. The highlight for his three-day visit is to attend the Imperial Conferment of Decoration Investiture named ”The Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers”. Japan’s highest award was awarded to Dr Mahathir Mohammad and followed by huge contributions of the prime minister to the Emperor of Japan, Akihito in strengthening bilateral ties. On hand to welcome him and the delegation at the airport was Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, Japan’s Foreign Affairs State Minister Toshiko Abe, Japanese ambassador to Malaysia Makio Miyagawa as well as Malaysian ambassador to Japan Ahmad Izlan Idris.

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Promoting Labuan’s Tourism Will Lead To Successful Economic Growth

Labuan must aggressively promote itself as a value-for-money destination in order to boost its domestic and international tourism appeal, according to Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) President, Datuk Tan Cheng Kiat. Known as a duty-free island, there are requirements to promote tourism to a complete innovative level and connect it to its massive economic growth since it is also an oil and gas and international financial centre. During a three days business exploration trip, 17 peninsular investors showcased their worries about the deficiency of investment and tourism promotions by the local authority and industry players. This could, in fact, impact on Labuan’s economic evolution and since it has all the required facilities and infrastructures, there are possibilities for exploring new development. Labuan would be in the near future as a significant support in Malaysia’s economic if thoughtful developments are done.

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Free Assessment for 500 SMEs To “Taste” The Industrial Revolution 4.0

Inflexibility in adapting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) and ‘changes are always expensive’ mentality among the reasons that kept companies, especially in the manufacturing sector and manufacturing-related services, from being IR 4.0 ready. Many firms thought that migration challenges and implementing new technologies would be a scratchy procedure that required foremost funds while it can also be highly uncertain at a period. But in a way, it is the best path to be taken in order to evolve in the manufacturing and other sectors. This would be an opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to produce tailored products and accomplish the new tendency for clients’ demands. For the implementation of Industry 4.0, 500 SMEs would be selected for a free assessment to see if they are ready and the assessment would be a way to manage risks, permitting the government to evaluate and find appropriate intervention programmes.

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“Execution Of The Use B10 Biodiesel As From Dec 1” – Minister Teresa Kok

Malaysia and Indonesia are the top producers of palm oil globally. Malaysia will increase the minimum bio-content as local producers must add to its biodiesel fuel from 7% to 10% starting on Dec 1. Malaysian Primary Industries Minister, Teresa Kok, said in a radio interview with national news agency BERNAMA on Wednesday that the government has given the approval to implement the B10 biodiesel. The use of B10 will be executed from Dec 1 and the agreement from the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers points that the industrial sector will use B7. Fuel stations in Malaysia are now using B7 biofuel and the use of palm oil locally would be expected to double. The B10 biodiesel plan will be applied in the transport sector and other subsidised sectors but it will be obligatory as from February 2019.

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Ongoing Malaysia & Vietnam Business Partnership For Future Opportunities

The Vietnam Malaysia Business Association (VMBIZ) and the Malaysia-Vietnam Commerce Chamber (MVCC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Kuala Lumpur on November 14, which is expected to create a new impulse for business partnership and economic-trade ties between the two countries. Established since 2017, both organisations have dynamically provided information and supported activities of the two countries’ businesses. The certified document points out that VMBIZ and MVCC are committed to supporting business communities, trade promotion activities, and information sharing while also creating a stage for businesses to grasp opportunities and improve their connectivity which has been structured by both countries.

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20 Proposals To Be Reviewed For The Third National Car Project

The National Automotive Policy (NAP) 2019 will be revealed in the first quarter of next year. Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister, YB Dr Ong Kian Ming, said that the main focus of NAP 2019 will be shifted to electric vehicles and new technologies from energy efficient vehicles. The policy will manage the entire automotive ecosystem while encompassing four key pillars of connected mobility, Industrial Revolution 4.0, new generation vehicles and artificial intelligence. In addition, it also includes the development of the third national car project which has received over 20 proposals from various companies. Meanwhile, the Malaysian Automotive Association’s (MAA) President, Datuk Aishah Ahmad, hoped that the government would continue to focus on the components emphasised in NAP 2014, including the Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) initiative.

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Non-Traditional Partnerships Is In Our “Potential Radar” – Petronas

Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) is seeking to participate in more non-traditional partnerships or partnerships that explore unconventional solutions to help reduce costs, gain efficiency and hedge risks. The importance of discovering energy solutions that stretch out to non-traditional partners, along with traditional partnerships that discover alternative solutions. It would similarly provide the motivation for inspiration and invention to discover resolutions that are required for advancing. The significance of maintaining the oil and gas (O&G) industry depends on companies whether to move into unused and unfamiliar paths for a partnership to find solutions that efficiently connect O&G resources to respond the growth mandate for maintainable fresh energy.

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