Meeting between Knaus Campingpark, TAPiO and Perbadanan Nasioanl Berhad (Pernas)

Perbadanan Nasional Berhad – Pernas, TAPiO management Advisory and Knaus Campingpark

TAPiO Management Advisory and Knaus Campingpark Germany met with Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (Pernas) executives to discuss potential business opportunities in Malaysia. Mr. Bernhard Schutte, Chairman of TAPiO Management Advisory, and Mr. Thomas Bernthaler, Managing Partner of TAPiO Management Advisory, arranged the meeting between Pernas and Knaus Campingpark to examine synergies, business opportunities, and the possibility of franchising the campground concept.

Mr. Jamil Busrah, Chief Business Officer of Pernas, presided over the meeting with Mr. Michael Meyer, Chief Operating Officer of Knaus Campingpark. Mr. Najib Hassan, the head of Pernas’ Southern Regional Office, Mr. Imouzegar Ismail, Pernas’ Special Officer for Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Dirk Coetsee, co-founder of Market Gateway Asia, were also present.

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